Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

With the growing popularity of Internet, the presence on the web has now become inevitable for any business. Here we are to cater to your needs within the budget you have. You imagine. We design. Let’s together make your web page a unique marketing tool for your business.

Services we provide

- Website Design: First impressions are long lasting. Impress your clients with the very first glance they have on your webpage. We have brought together a bunch of creative people who will bring into reality the way you imagine your company’s presence on the web. We can create different kinds of web portals that meet your needs but don’t exceed your budget.

- Domain Registration: Square Informatix is ‘fast and furious’ as long as domain registration is concerned. Your domain name is your identity on the web. It adds value to your brand. Square makes domain registration fast, simple, reliable and affordable for you.

- Web hosting: Square is the most trusted name in providing services for web hosting. Web hosting means to buy web space on the internet server. How much space you need on the web depends on you many contents you want to display on your portal. Square understands the financial challenges new enterprises face or the advantages established companies enjoy. Be it a large or a small venture, Square treats its client with the same care.

- Web applications: Square can offer a variety of web applications including Search Engine Optimization

Why Square
- Square is now not a name only; it is a synonym of quality- be it pharmaceuticals, textiles, toiletries or consumer goods. Square Informatix is neither different. The first thing we assure our clients is of quality. We had never and we will never compromise with quality.
- Square Informatix has been offering web designing and development services since 2002. We have 30 clients so far. Some big names are also there in the basket.
- We provide our customers with customized services. You are not limited to pick from a few options. You provide the clay, we build the brick. Your web page will be different from every other, we can guarantee.
- We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. You can trust us. We will not disappear from the market all of a sudden.
- We are here to provide you continuous support. Our customer service department is open 24/7. Any problem, dial the number.